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I have a couple of pictures in the rectory with the fall scenery; one of them is from the late Thelma Winter. They are beautiful, but I when we look outside now on our trees covered with such beautiful colors, they are without comparison to any artist. God is painting beautiful colors at this time of the year. Looking around our Church or taking a ride looking at the beautiful scenery, it is breath taking with all the colors and mosaics that we see. We thank God for that beauty of creation.

When we look into the eyes of a child or a friend full of joy and peace, we can all admire Godís beauty of creation. As we go into the Church to worship, let us look around where we find and recognize that beauty with a friendly greeting, smile or welcoming spirit. Let everyone feel in our community the welcoming gesture of love and peace. This way we will paint a beautiful picture of our parish and community painted by the Lord in our hearts, minds, words and actions.

Thank you for opening this page and reading this message. May God bless you and Immaculate Mary love you.

Father Walter